EODR 30 – Dennis McKenna | After 2012, Ayahusca Entities, Pineal Gland and Amanita’s

We are joined by legendary psychedelic researcher Dennis McKenna who along with his brother Terence, has pioneered the study of entheogenic substances and has recently released a new book called “Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss”. We start off back in the 1960’s as Dennis tells us how his psychedelic interest started then we go on a journey together through the outskirts of consciousness as Dennis shares his personal thoughts on the entire psychedelic experience, the reality of the entities encountered while tripping, Terence’s Timewave Zero theory, the pineal gland, the events of La Chorrera, DMT/the afterlife, proper Ayahuasca use, high Psilocybin Mushroom doses, Amanita Muscaria/Santa Claus, Jan Irvin’s accusations and much more.

get a signed copy of Dennis’s book here:


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