EODR 31 – Freeway Rick Ross and Niki Paranormal

We are joined by two extraordinary guests for one of our most entertaining shows yet.

Our first guest is the legendary Freeway Rick Ross. This is not the rapper Rick Ross but the real actual Freeway Rick Ross who the rapper got his name from. Freeway Rick Ross was enlisted to deal cocaine by the CIA and was released from prison because his lawyer was able to prove a government connection in court. We learn about how Rick was introduced to cocaine and how he eventually became linked to the Contra war in Nicaragua. He tells us what he thinks about racial relations in the United States and how he feels about the rapper who stole his name.


Our Second guest is Niki Paranormal who hosts her own podcast and investigates actual haunting in person all around the country. She tells us about how she grew up catholic and was bombarded by paranormal experiences from an early age. We learn about her investigation that took place in an abandoned Freemasonic lodge where she saw an actual entity manifest and jump at one of her co-investigators. Niki, Michael and Daniel do a little paranormal round table where we cover just about every topic related to hauntings.



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