EODR 33 – Bruce Maccabee | FBI and CIA UFO Investigations, Real X-Files

Dr. Bruce Maccabee, who is now famous for being the guy who exposed the X-Files style FBI ‘UFO investigation’ by diligently researching and using the Freedom of Information Act. We learn about Dr. Maccabee’s origins as an ex Navy research employee who was involved in working with underwater lasers. His life changed dramatically as he began journeying down this rabbit hole of UFO research which led him to exposing the FBI investigations of UFO’s and even some investigations done by the CIA. We hear Bruce’s best cases and some of his personal beliefs regarding the strange cover up that we have been seeing since the 1940’s. Bruce even shares his own personal UFO story with us. This is a true smoking gun episode of our show. Gary the Mad Martian calls in at the end to pick Dr. Maccabee’s brain.



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