EODR 34 – Robert M. Price | H.P. Lovecraft, Gnosticism and Jesus Debunking

We are first joined by Jaclyn Taylor, dietician and fitness trainer. We discuss the benefits of pilates as an exercise system and why diet is so important.


We are then joined by our main guest Robert M. Price, world renowned theologian and writer. Robert happens to not only be well educated on the authenticity of Jesus Christ but also has written quite a bit about H.P. Lovecraft who both Michael and Daniel are huge fans of.

We start off by discussing the various works of Lovecraft and the few movies that his works have inspired. We then take a journey into the world or religion and mysticism as we learn about Gnosticism which includes descriptions of the Demiurge, Archons and Aeons. The discussion turns to recent racial issues which prompts a surprise call from Fonzy Williams.

We then begin to discuss the fundamental problems of religion and the hypothesis behind Robert’s decision to call himself an atheist.



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