EODR 39 – I.R Harris and Gary the Mad Martian | The War Begins

This is a very special episode for many reasons.

We start off with a very special announcement from our shows hosts Michael and Daniel who explain how they were buried by the Dark Matter Network. Our hosts explain why they were treated unfairly and then Daniel nearly loses his mind as he declares an all out ratings war against The Dark Matter Network reminiscent of the famous Monday Night War between WWF and WCW.

We are then joined by our first guest, the enigmatic and always entertaining I.R. Harris or Isabella Harris who is the author of many popular works of fiction such as her Bound and Legion series. She talks to us about comic conventions, her favorite lesser known writers, rituals for writing, favorite comic series as well as the reasons why she has chosen certain settings and topics for her writings.


Our second guest is the infamous Mad Martian who joins us once again to dig deeper into this mystery of Richard C. Hoagland and the code that he is relaying from the future. We learn about how Richard C. is actually secretly backing Gary’s work while pretending to be completely opposed to it. Gary explains how these forces from behind the scenes are directing and manipulating events in order to slowly force disclosure and finally reveal the secrets of human orgins. He talks about his recent Smackdown attendance and how he stuck it to the Bulgarian Wrestler Rusev.



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