EODR 41 – Gary Lynch | Survival Bunkers, End Times and Preppers

We return from our 2 week break with some very big news regarding the future of End of Days Radio before we are joined by our guest.

This is a true end of days survival/prepper treat as we are joined by Gary Lynch from risingsbunkers.com. We talk about possible scenarios that would prompt someone to need a hidden survival bunker. We then go over placement, security, electricity, toilet paper/human waste, what type of fuel is the most efficient and most importantly the stealth of the bunker. We learn what foods are best to store, what type of gun you should own, why it’s important to learn to grow plants and where you can get more survival information. Michael and Daniel both talk about how unprepared they realize they are in the face of all this new information. Gary also talks to us a bit about aliens and his personal belief in the book of Revelations.


We are then joined by Reignbowgod and then Andy who chat with us a bit.


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