EODR 48 – Ben Frank | Occult Conspiracy Rapper

Michael and Daniel start off by talking about the Mayweather vs Paquiao fight and how it is the biggest fight in many years. We talk about how some people like boxing and others prefer MMA.

We are joined by occult rapper Ben Frank. We learn about what artists inspire Ben and we find out how he learned to survive growing up in Queens New York. We find out about how Ben went from an average everyday kid to being someone who has awaken to the forces keeping us all oppressed.

We talk about some very serious topics such as why he doesn’t practice external forms of magic, the dangers of communicating with higher/lower beings, black history being distorted, Dr. Malachi Z. York, modern day rap being materialistic, Kundalini, the true meaning of Revelations, who is pulling the puppet strings and much more.

Daniel then asks Michael why he always disses El Centro.


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