EODR 51 – Maxine Taylor | Astrology, Healing and Skepticism

On this amazing episode we start off with some very unusual talk about body parts and body odors which prompts both of our hosts to share some very disturbing stories from their pasts.

We are then joined by Maxine Taylor who is one of the worlds foremost figures on the topic of Astrology. We find out how Maxine became interested in astrology and what she had to do in order to actually learn the craft and get it legalized down in Georgia. She explains how healing has to do with your life path and what you truly want deep down.


Maxine then answers some tough questions regarding skepticism and then goes on to give us all our yearly astrological horoscope forecast.

We then do a little wrap up segment with one of our favorite callers Hank and friend of the show George Turner. We have a hilarious discussion about all sorts of conspiracy topics before Hank leaves us and we finish the show up talking about Georges magazine which he will be promoting at Scarefest 8 Sept 11th-13th.



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