EODR 52 – Katrina Weidman | Ouija Boards, Shadow People and Hauntings

Michael and Daniel start off by discussing some movies such as the recently released Curt Cobain: Montage of Heck and Mad Max Fury Road. We then talk about the feminization of modern men.

Our guest who joins us on the episode is none other than Katrina Weidman who is a featured star of the show Paranormal State which was one of the first and most popular Ghost investigation shows. She is also an actress and producer of Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies.

We learn how Katrina got started in Paranormal Investigation and we talk about her first ghostly experiences that sparked her beliefs. Katrina then goes on to talk about what happens when we die and the possibility of an afterlife where we can reach back into the living world. We discuss Shadow People, Cemeteries, physical attacks, psychic mediums, Ouija boards, scary movies and much more.


We finish the show by taking a call from Director Max Cole as we discuss our horrible secrets from the past.


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