EODR 56 – Annie Wilder | Victorian Haunted House and EVP’s

Our hosts start the show talking about the new microphone that Michael sent Daniel to replace his recently broken one. We then discuss a little bit about peer pressure, Daniel talks about how he used to dress like Eminem/Fred Durst in high school to get people to like him more. Michael asks Daniel if he ever tried any entheogenic substances.

We are then joined by our guest Annie Wilder who talks to us about how she moved into an old Victorian house on the Mississippi river which is currently haunted by several spirits. Annie tells us about her first ever paranormal experience then the conversation shifts to discussing ways to protect yourself from bad spirits.

During our discussion the lights begin to flicker in Annie’s house letting us know that the spirits are indeed paying attention to what is happening. Annie invites Michael to stay a night in the house.


We close the show by discussing some of the strange things going on in the news before we get a ring from one of our favorite callers Andy.


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