EODR 60 – Robert Bruce – Possession | Andy Weir – The Martian

This is a special episode because we have two very special guests. We begin with Michael and Daniel chatting a bit and answering questions regarding reincarnation.

We are then joined by our first amazing guest Robert Bruce, author of A Practical Guide to Self Defense as well as numerous books covering mysticism. Robert kindly furthers the story that was interrupted during his last appearance. We learn more about Roberts intense possession experience which led him to writing a book on psychic self defense. Robert explains some things that would go against conventional new age wisdom such as the belief that it is actually our own bad habits that causes possession.


We are then joined by hit author Andy Weir who is preparing for his movie to be released The Martian, which will be directed by legend Ridley Scott and will star Matt Damon. We talk about Andy’s orgins as a software developer for Blizzard, he actually worked on Warcraft 2. We then learn about Andy’s inspiration for The Martian and how much his life has changed. There is a great discusion about Artificial intelligence in here too as well as a call from film maker Max Cole who asks Andy some good questions.



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