EODR 61 – Robert Bruce 4 | Demons, Water, the Sun and Earth

This is our very first show that aired live on our new End of Days Radio Network.

We are excited to have one of our favorite Guests, Robert Bruce, join us for a 4th time. Robert is a little hung up at the start of our show so we carry on at that point not sure if he is going to join us.

We talk a lot about the new network and Daniels new “new mic” which improves his sound quite a bit. We then take calls from some of our favorite callers including Frank from Las Vegas who hasn’t called in for a long time. Frank talks with our hosts about WWE and where it is headed, bringing attention to the womens division.

We are then joined by Robert Bruce 2 hours into our show, we find out he was hung up at a conference and rushed home to do the interview. Our hosts take advantage of the opportunity to speak with the legendary Robert once again and decide to do an extra long show.

Robert speaks about the topics covered in his best selling book, The Practical Guide to Psychic Self Defense. He actually finishes the story he started during his last two appearances, the story of his first exorcism which was done upon himself. Robert talks about the sunlight and earth healing his mind and body as the demon was expelled.



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