EODR 63 – Robert Potter | Psychedelics, The Matrix and Reptilians

Tonight we go very deep down the Rabbit hole. We begin the show with Michael and Daniel talking to some of our favorite callers such as Jeff Mapes who joins us for the entire show and Darby who calls in at the beginning and discusses online dating.

We are joined by Robert Potter who is a UFO contactee, healer and truthseeker. Rob starts off by discussing psychedelic plants and the benefits they offer to Truthseekers. We learn how these plants can actually put you in resonance with a separate consciousness.

He talks to us about the state of the world. He explains the dark forces that are behind the Matrix prison system that works to brainwash us and keep us unaware. He explains how a race of Reptilians are one of the main antagonists. We learn that there is a good alien force ready to step in at any time in a D-Day like fashion.


We finish the show with Michael taking some calls and Jeff Mapes kindly filling in for Daniel who ends up having to leave due to an emergency.


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