EODR 62 – Yuk Nassty | Get in Da Corner meets EODR

On this episode we are joined by Yuk Nassty who stars on the hit comedy podcast “Get in da Corner”.

We talk about what motivated Yuk to want to start a comedy show. He tells us about his childhood and why he grew up as someone who loves to goof around all the time thanks to having a family who embraced comedy. Yuk explains how the humor on his show is all in good fun and him and his co-host Dogga have never gotten seriously pissed off at each other despite the constant ballbreaking.

Yuk turns out to be a pro wrestling fan much to our hosts delight. He explains why his favorite diva is Alexa Bliss. We then get bombarded with some prank calls as Michael goads the caller into actually making a full call.


After our break we take some calls from our favorite listeners such as Sherry, Andy and Max Cole.


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