EODR 65 – Myke Hideous | 9/11, Satanism, Censorship

Warning: This episode is pretty much guaranteed to be offensive. If you are easily offended by views that differ from your own then it would be a good idea to skip this episode because it contains no censorship.

The guys start off this episode by talking a little about how the show has affected our personal lives. We hear a story from the past of when our hosts were accused of being Illuminati agents.

This episode we are joined by Myke Hideous star of bands The Empire Hideous, Bronx Casket Company, Spy Society 99, and the Misfits. Myke is also an author, artist, occultist and Satanist. We begin by thanking Myke for being the first big name to ever join us on End of Days Radio and explain the confidence it gave us to continue to improve.

We talk to Myke about his latest work authoring a book telling the story of his rise as a rock singer who was able to live out his ultimate dream as he was asked to sing for his favorite band The Misfits. Myke gives us his views on politics and explains to us exactly why he hates censorship.



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