EODR 74 – Meisha Johnston | MILABS, Reptilians and Secret Societies

We are joined by ET Contactee and MILABS victim Meisha Johnston who talks to us about a lifetime spend growing up with a secret society family and the alien beings who interact in these shadowy crevices of society. We learn about how Meisha’s dad had a magic ring he could use to tell if someone was lying. Meisha talks to us about some of her intense experiences with Reptilian beings who she assures us are definitely not all evil. She shares some of her most riveting experiences dealing with alien beings and the government factions intent on abusing victims iwth trauma based mind control.

In 1992 Meisha founded the Star Family Contactee Group which has helped a large number of abductees over the years. Meisha talks to us about starseeds and how we are in a very important time for planet earth.



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