EODR 76 – Nikki Paranormal Meets EODR 2

This is a very special episode because our original guest did now show which ended up being a good thing because we were able to get the ever popular Nikki Paranormal to fill in. We begin by talking a little bit about Nikki’s latest ghost hunts/paranormal explorations taking place in various abandoned insane asylums across the country. We learn about the bizarre history of some of these places before moving on to a discussion about Nikki’s paranormal history. Nikki explains to us how it all started when her late husband was taken from her. This prompted Nikki to want to try everything imaginable to contact her lost love which set her on an amazing journey learning about the other side.

Michael and Nikki poke a little fun at Daniels fear of porcelin dolls coming alive then we talk a little bit about Nikki’s favorite scary movies as well as some of her upcoming specials and projects.



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