EODR 77 – Linda Godfrey 2 | Batsquatch, Man Eating Bigfoot and Werewolves

We are joined once again by one of our most popular guests, Linda Godfrey, author of several great books about American monsters who joined us for our Halloween show the year before last. We start off by talking to Linda about one of her favorite topics, Werewolves , which is a topic that incited quite a bit of controversy on youtube which we do bring up with Linda. We then take another wonderful journey into the world of cryptozoology as we discuss the various Bigfoot legends regarding him attacking and eating people, Bigfoot fighting with Dogman and whether or not he is physical or an inter dimensional being. The conversation takes a scary turn as we enter into Batsquatch discussion. Linda then talks to us about her various research into the Werewolves and the possibility of these dogmen being from another planet.



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