EODR 78 – The Mad Martian | Hoagland’s Dirty Secret

Things start out with a special opening from Daniel then we talk a bit about the Holidays. We get a call from listener Todd who tells Michael and Daniel why they are among the best shows on radio.

This episode we are joined by the legendary Mad Martian, Gary Leggiere. Gary spills the beans on the true reason End of Days Radio was banned from Art Bells Dark Matter Network. We learn the conspiracy behind keeping Gary quiet. It turns out Richard C. Hoagland has more power behind the scenes than any of us realize. Gary talks about Brookings and the connection to Freemasonry.

We end the show by playing a special game called Celebrity Death Pool.



One thought on “EODR 78 – The Mad Martian | Hoagland’s Dirty Secret

  1. This was an awesome show, gentlemen! I was trying to listen to it and the live show at the same time, that did not go so well. I especially enjoyed the celebrity death pool. Charlie Sheen was the first name that came to mind. I still haven’t completely figured out what Gary is trying to convey, but maybe a visit to his website will help.
    keep up the great work!

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