EODR 79 – Graham Nicholls | Astral Projection and Infra-liminal Sound

This is a special morning show. End of Days is doubled up this week.

This episode we are joined by Graham Nicholls who is a famous Out of Body Researcher and Parapsychologogical. He grew up in London, puzzled by his early experiences going out of body where he eventually met a mentor from the Theosophical Society. Graham talks to us about how easy it is to experience and an OBE(Out of Body Experience). He tells us about the “guides” that he has met while going out of body. We go into the theories about a collective unconscious and how this relates to the occult world. We ask Graham what is was like working with guys like Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake. We find out Grahams take on what shadow beings are before learning about Infra-Liminal Sound.



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