EODR 80 – Audrey the Light Language Channeler

On this episode we start things off by talking to listener Todd who calls in to apologize to the Mad Martian. We are then suddenly joined by The Mad Martian himself with Todd still on the line. We go over the conspiracy against End of Days and The Mad Martian a bit before moving forward with our main guest.

We are then joined by Audrey Light Language Healer and Channeler. She tells us about growing up and how she was initially contacted by the Arcturians around 2012. We learn a bit about Audrey before she actually starts speaking in the Light Language which raises the vibration of our shows hosts and listeners. She then allows Michael and Daniel to speak directly with some higher beings who offer the guys some advice. Audrey then uses the light language to heal the pains of one of our callers.


We finish off by talking to Todd a bit more.


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