EODR 84 – Dada 5000 X Astral Cody

We are joined by Dada 5000 who grew up in the same area as famed backyard brawler Kimbo Slice. Dada claims that he was equally involved in the backyard fighting but was basically buried by Kimbo and his manager. We learn about what the backyard fight culture in Miami was like as well as how Dada is turning it all into a successful business venture. Dada talks to us about what he feels are the weaknesses that Kimbo has and how he plans to exploit them like other fighters have in the past while not revealing his true game.


We are then joined by Astral Cody who calls in at a late hour to give us some personal insight into his work. We discuss many things such as Astral Dynamics and what exactly is going on in this world.


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