EODR 86 – Pastor Keith Iton X Marshall Masters

We are joined by two very interesting guests this episode. We begin by taking a couple calls from Todd and a new caller named White Crow.

We then begin our interview with Pastor Keith Iton who is a real life Pastor who has come on our program to discuss the end of days. We learn about how Keith’s brother was a missionairy who began to accumulate knowledge of end times and eventually started to teach this knowledge to Keith. Keith gives us his thoughts on weed/pot/cannabis. He talks to us about how the end times will play out and why having a traditional shelter might not cut it. We learn from Keith a fact that corresponds with many of our other guests, that the world is run by Luciferians. Keith then addresses the masses of atheists.


We are then joined by Marshall Masters who is an expert and author who covers Planet X, The Annununaki as well as Government conspiracy. We learn some very scary facts about Planet X researchers being killed because of their work. Marshall talks to us about the true nature of the Annunaki and how they are going to come back to cash in their chips and collect their gold. He talks to us about the network of underground bases and vaults that are being prepared by the elite. Marashall then reveals a very dark truth, that the Elite will use cataclysms caused by Planet X to drastically reduce the population.



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