EODR 89 – Darryl Berry Jr. | Astral, Aliens and Time Travel

This episode we are joined once again my one of our most popular guests Darryl Berry Jr. Michael starts off on his own due to Daniel having technical issues.

We start off by talking to White Crow for a little bit about George Noorey and Art Bell. We then bring Darryl Berry Jr. on the line to discuss his book “Travel Far” which Daniel has alot to say about. We then bridge into other topics such as time travel which Darryl has some strong opinions about, we learn if it is possible to change time. We discuss battling negative entities which Darryl used to do quite a bit in the hell realms until he simply learned to “fly up”. Darryl talks about his next book called “Next Density” which plans to take these topics even further.


We finish the show with a heated debate between Daniel and Andy about Andy’s decision to get a vasectomy.


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