EODR 91 – Jenny Ashford | Christopher Garetano

This is an amazing Easter episode where we talk to two very extraordinary guests.

The guys start off by talking a little bit about recent goings on including Michael’s recent interactions with legendary female bodybuilder Nicole Bass. We are then joined by our first guest Jenny Ashford who talks to us about who she is and how she was inspired to become a horror and erotica writer. We then realize we are also joined by Tom Ross. Jenny and Tom then proceed to scare the living daylights out of us by sharing the Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist story. We finish off by talking a bit about horror movies including the original Alien movie.


After the break we are joined by our second guest, film director Christopher Garetano who is most recently well known for winning an award at the Phillip K. Dick festival for his documentary about the Montauk Project. We begin by discussing Christophers beliefs about the legitimacy of the story. He tells us about his experiences meeting the guys involved with the project such as Sterwart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols. We talk to him about the pressures and pitfalls of working in Hollywood and how he has fought tooth and nails to stay in control of his own vision rather than sell out to big business.



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