EODR 92 – Tracy Twyman | End Times, Antichrist and Templars

This very special morning episode we are joined by Tracy Twyman who is the author of several books, an occult researcher and someone who has communicated with actual demons including Cain and Baphomet. We are also joined by a special co-host this episode, the legendary Myke Hideous who actually helped us get in contact with Tracy.

We begin by learning a bit about Tracy’s childhood and background. We find out if she grew up with any religious influence. We learn about her first attempts at the Ouija board and what it was like when she first started communicating. Tracy talks to us about Baphomet and the series of other entities she went through before being referred to the big guy himself. We then talk a bit about revelations and end times before getting heavily into the secret societies.



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