EODR 94 – Stewart Swerdlow | Reptilians, Montauk and Mind Control

This episode we are joined by the legendary Stewart Swerdlow who is possibly most famous for his involvement with the Montauk Project and more recently well known for speaking on Reptilians and Hollow Earth. We really get into it by learning how exactly it is possible to change realities and how the Reptilian sexual ritual magic can be used to ultimately move from one reality to the next. He fills us in on what exactly “Scorpion Programming is” to our amazement. Stewart tells us about the cover up of Hollow earth and how most people are programmed to not accept anything paranormal.


We finish off our show by talking to Chefist who has some notes to share about the Senda Monster. Many strange factoids are dropped which leave us wishing we could go back to talking about the Montauk Project..


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