EODR 95 – Laura London X Bob Mitchell

This episode we are joined first by Laura London who has a radio show devoted to exploring the works of Carl Jung and the Jungian method. She not only studied psychology at the University of Washington but is also a trained Remote Viewer. We begin by talking about how she initially got into Jung, she talks to us about the initial first steps she took in college and who she was before she really got into Jung. We then get into the idea of aliens and ghosts being internal vs. external where we learn that many of those into the paranormal have a false concept of what Jung’s work is actually like.


We are then joined by Bob Mitchell who is a UFO researcher/investigator/writer as well as an author of crime novels. We get into how Bob became interested in the abduction experience before getting into some of his stranger accounts. We talk to him about the Mantis beings, if they are good or evil. We discuss the Reptilians, the Grays and how the government is tied up in all of this. We ask Bob if he has ever had any fear of being targeted by negative alien groups or by the government.



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