EODR 97 – James Farganne X Andrea Gregovich

This episode we are joined by James Farganne and Andrea Gregovich. We start off by talking a little bit about our plans to release a clothing line that will feature actual badass designed as opposed to just having our logo on it.

We start the interviews by bringing James Farganne on the line. He talks to us about the massive amount of electronic harassment he has been under including a constant stream of negative thoughts being transmitted into his mind. He then begins telling us about the Artificial Intelligence behind it all which brings out the skeptic in Daniel who wants proof that AI actually exists. The guys debate a bit before moving on to the story behind Fukishima itself. We learn that it was actually Israel that was behind Fukishima breaking down via the use of a special computer virus designed to affect a nuclear reactor. James then talks to us a bit more about the situation we are in and leaves us with a bit of advice on how to deal with electronic harassment.


After our break, we are then joined by our second guest and friend of the show Andrea Gregovich calling in from the icy state of Alaska. Andrea is actually a literary Russian Translator as well as many other things. We start out by hearing about Andrea’s first paranormal experiences including the story about how her Great Uncle started to contact her beyond the veil of death. She tells us about how this contact started after having a very nasty cyst on her back. We then talk a bit about Alaska and Andrea’s views on aliens and Illuminati before getting into the Pro Wrestling discussion where we discuss Ryback, Bullet Club and much much more.



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