EODR 98 – June Lundgren X Wolfman Mike

The guys start off talking a bit about cloning and our show last week. We are then joined by our first guest June Lundgren who is a medium and mystic clairvoyant. She is also very qualified in fighting demonic beings which is a rare treat for us. We begin by talking to June about how she initially got started as a medium, apparently she comes from a long line of gifted women who are able to perceive the world beyond. June educates us a bit about demonic beings before then telling us some of her best stories. We ask June if anyone is able to learn these gifts and use them. She also educates us about how the afterlife actually works.


We are then joined by our second guest, the legendary Wolfman Mike. He starts off by doing a fantastic impersonation of radio legend Wolfman Jack which we absolutely love. He then begins telling us about the fascinating paranormal life he has led including an incident where the branches of a tree formed into a face and began talking to him and his brother. Wolfman talks to us quite a bit about cryptozoology which is a passion of his. Wolfman refuses to answer some personal questions coming from the chat but he does inform us that he is actually a practicing Warlock.



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