EODR Ep. 18 – Uncle Albert, Shadow Government, Chemtrails and Nerds

We have no guest on this episode although Michael’s uncle Albert shows up half way through and all hell breaks loose, Michael and Daniel talk about many topics and they are listed here:

-Joan Rivers, Spaceballs
-Leaked Nude Photos
-TNA Wrestling
-Tito and Stephen Bonnar spectacle in Bellator
-Michael’s Uncle Albert comes in and speaks some truth to us
-Albert talks about how so much of our taxes go to black budget programs
-Albert talks about brain chemistry and Robin Williams, how and why he gets into trouble
-Albert getting locked away and the resulting depression
-Albert talks about El Centro and how people suck up to farmers
-Albert talks trash to Daniel who bites back
-Albert talks about Michael and him having a relative with psychic sensitivity
-Daniel and Michael talk about the shadow government and chemtrails
-Daniel talks about how many people feel the bad guys are in control
-Zionism and the Gaza Strip
-Forgetting Sarah Marshall and celebrity worship
-Clerks 2
-growing up in the 80’s
-Helping struggling young men connect with women
-Going into comic book stores


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