EODRAD4 – Open Lines | Jesus, Pepperoni and Indie Movies

This is the first every edition of Open Lines where the fans and callers take over the show.

Daniel begins by talking a little about Pizza Gate. How he believes the allegations are true as the deceptions come to light in the face of mainstream media manipulation.

We first take a call from Pepperoni Temple expressed his feelings about the show and then talks about how Daniel needs to find his niche.

Al then calls in and blows Daniels mind out the back of his head as Daniel is left questioning reality itself after that call. Al actually claimed to be Jesus Christ himself. Daniel ponders this possibility.

We then get a call from Todd who calls in to explain Al and talk about last weeks show.

Finally we get a long conversation with Max Cole who opens up a little bit about his personal beliefs regarding paranormal topics which of course prompts a visit behind the curtain into movie talk.


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