EODR Guest Suggestions

Here's a request that might be difficult to set up, but I'm putting it out there: John Carr

John Carr is a Science Fiction writer and owner of Pequod Press. He is also the biographer of the late and great Science Fiction writer H. Beam Piper.

H. Beam Piper is a classic writer of science fiction from the 1950's and believed in a very esoteric view of time and the human life cycle before, during, and after death. This belief contributed majorly to how H. Beam Piper died in 1964.

It would be a boon to the EOD audience to be introduced to this great author.

I don't know if John Carr does interviews anymore, but I thought that I would put this out there as it is something that fits into the genre of your great show and would be very entertaining.

Thanks for everything and ROCK ON!!