Has anyone ever astral traveled?

Discussion in 'Astral Travel and OBE's' started by DanielEODR, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. DanielEODR

    DanielEODR Host

    My answer was no for a long time before I realized it was actually happening to me often.
  2. Haunted Texan

    Haunted Texan New Member

    After waking up during a prolonged operation on cancer in my neck, they realized I was not bs'ing them about a natural resistance to anesthetics. They upped the dose and the next thing I saw was me on the operating table and I was viewing myself from the ceiling. When I woke up in my hospital bed a doctor came in and I addressed him by name. He was surprised since we had not met before and I asked him how he made out with the nurse he was hitting on. I told him, hesitantly, about what had happened and it was the 1st time I ever heard about an OBE. Thankfully, it was not his 1st time and he explained, in confidence, about former patients of his that had similar occurrences. I have since constantly experimented with various brain entrainment methods so I can occasionally leave the physical realm and wander freely. Just wish I could throw a switch on command.....

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