Free Your Brain | Kundalini, Stage World, Dissahc | EODRAD 21

If you enjoy movies like The Matrix, The Truman Show, Dark City or any movies that describes a false reality then you might seriously enjoy this show.

Daniel is joined by an “Anonymous Person” who joins him to talk about the legendary Free Your Brain dot org website that originally appeared over 15 years ago.This website has had a huge impact on Daniels life and his belief system and was one of the reasons he started End of Days Radio.

Daniel explains his past with the “Homepage” as some call it before dialling up the “Anonymous Person” who has studied the homepage extensively and is calling in to explain many facets of the homepage and how it relates to every day living.

“Anonymous Person” goes on to explain how he found the Homepage and the initial effect that it had on his life. He then goes into the “Allegory of the Alien” which outlines the secret war between alien groups that happened during the 90’s. He explains how those who made it through the “Hurricane” became survivors and that Daniel and him are examples of some of the few people who consider themselves survivors and actually understand the meaning behind the homepage.

They then get into the meat and bones as Daniel asks AP about Kundalini, Assemblage Points, Operation Centers, True Love, The Illusion of the Ego, Horse Movements, Reptilian Aliens(Lizards) and much much more.

If you are a survivor or just someone who is aware of the homepage then you should really enjoy this show.

You can reach “Anonymous Person” at


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