EODRAD5 – I.R. Harris | Mystic Themes, Positivity, Writing

This episode begins with Daniel tackling a myriad of subjects. He talks about his favourite Christmas movies as well as the hot holiday toys that he remembers from the past. He takes a second to plug his new Pro Wrestling show and reminds everyone that they should only listen if they are into Pro Wrestling or MMA. He comments on the “NES mini” and how he hates fake product shortages.

Daniel takes a short break then comes back with tonight’s guest Isabella or I.R. Harris on the line. She is the author of several books including the Bound Trilogy and the Legion Series. Daniel starts off with a little chit chat about pocket warmers before launching into a full fledged interview which starts with Isabella’s childhood. She opens up quite a bit about what her parents were like and what it was like for a Manhattan family to move to Kentucky and how strange it felt at times.

We then get into what inspired Isabella’s writing career and she gives everyone some great advice for dealing with adversity and pursuing ones dreams no matter what roadblocks and discouragement gets in the way.

Daniel then begins asking questions about T.V. shows and it sparks a conversation about Narcos, Penny Dreadful, Buffy the Vampire Slayer(which goes on for quite a bit). Daniel is happy to learn Isabella is such a fan of The Buffy verse. Isabella acts disappointed when she finds out Daniel quit watching Penny Dreadful because of a very intense gay kissing scene.

They then talk about Game of Thrones which Isabella is not a huge fan of. Daniel mentions he is a fan but completely understands how some would be put off by the shock of the show.

We hit many more topics before the interview comes to a close.


wrap up portion:

Daniel then takes a break, he comes back ready to open up about a few topics. A call comes in from Wolfman Mike and Daniel is super confused because he hears a live radio show on the other end and realizes Wolfman brought Daniel on while recording his own show. The overall confusion and weirdness of it blows Daniels mind.

Daniel talks about his former co-host Michael’s new show and how much it pains him to see that Michael is booking a murderer on a show with the name and format that Daniel came up with. Daniel then becomes emotional and talks quite a bit about his feelings of betrayal, how much it hurt him to realize that someone who he thought was a friend actually was trying to force him out of the show.

Daniel shouts out Get in Da Corner.

Todd then calls in and Daniel takes a risky move and lets Todd take over the show while he takes a short break. Daniel comes back to find Todd doing a monologue about Crowley that Daniel enjoyed quite a bit. Daniel then re-enters the conversation and asks Todd to share a crazy story of how a party wanted him dead.

Daniel then talks a bit more about the direction of the show and how he wants to build people up instead of tearing them down.

He then gives a list of every one of his ufo encounters.


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