Max Cole | Dealing with Adversity, Modern Dating, Film Making Pitfalls | EODR 74

Max Cole is an award-winning writer and director located in Los Angeles, California. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His latest short films have screened in 40+ film festivals across the country.
Max has a strong interest in thought-provoking, emotionally engaging stories. He is currently writing, producing, and directing a variety of upcoming compelling stories. Additionally, Max is developing a web series and a few indie music videos. He is currently an active volunteer of the Scriptwriters Network.

Max is also the Creator, Host, and Producer of The Cinema After Dark Podcast — a weekly independent film, television, and entertainment podcast.

This is a compelling 3 and 1/2 hour interview that dives deep into the life and philosophies of Max Cole. Daniel and Max cover every tough topic from transgendered kids to both spouses role in a modern family to racial hatred. Max gives his background growing up in Pittsburgh and the challenges of growing up a poor.

Later Daniel and Max delve into the world of movies as Max gives a very unique insider perspective into movie making and the pitfalls that go into creating a project. Max explains how sometimes it is better to leave a project than create something that does not live up the the original standard.

Daniel and Max then get into a long and in depth discussion about modern dating and how hard it can be to find that right fit.

Daniel comes back and talks about Alexandra Octavia Cortez how, while her socialist views disgust Daniel, he actually agrees with her 100% about Gaza.


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