Peter Von Puttkamer | Bigfoot Hunting, Eating Spiders | EODRAD 16

Daniel arrives on air ready to rock on the best and most highly rated show in Paranormal radio today.

Peter Von Puttkamer is the guest on this episode. He is a film maker specializing in documentaries who is behind the series Killing Bigfoot. Daniel begins to ask Peter about all things Bigfoot such as how Peter became interested in the first place, what the best evidence of Bigfoot’s existence would be and what sort of creature could he actually be.

Peter explains how he gained a certain level of trust with Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest and this is how he learned much about Bigfoot.

Peter explains that he worked alongside actual Bigfoot hunters who are extremely qualified in what they do. We also learn of some very close calls where Bigfoot was actually shot and blood was collected by the team.

Daniel asks what Bigfoot eats and if anyone has ever found any Bigfoot poop. They talk about what a great movie Harry and the Hendersons was.

Peter finishes by telling Daniel what it was like eating the worlds largest known spider. Daniel holds back blowing chunks as Peter describes the guys eating the gooey innards of the spiders belly.

After Peter hangs up Daniel talks about a crazy huge spider story of his own.

-break – Daniel plays some Circle A Enterprises

-Paranormal News and Listener Rountable

Daniel comes back from break ready to field some calls and talk some news. He gets a call from Trav regarding Antarctica. After Trav hangs up Daniel coincidentally shares a news story about an underground entrance being found in Antarctica.

Daniel does an impersonation of Linda Moulton Howe before going on a very heartfelt and dramatic rant about the innocence of Michael Jackson which was prompted by a huge Twitter war between Daniel and Michael haters.

Todd then calls in and Daniel tells Todd how much he admires those Mormon ladies. After Todd hangs up, Daniel goes on a wild rant about Bohemian Grove, Childhood toys and being real on the radio. Daniel has a beef with Tom Brady and some Yankee fans.


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