EODR 73 – R. Keith Andrews | Matthew Stein

We are first joined by R. Keith Andrews who has been receiving communications from aliens all the way since being an infant. He talks to us about how he remembers his past lives and shares a very special memory of a past life where he was thought to be dead and woke up in a morgue. He then gives us the run down of what really is going on out there in space and on this planet regarding aliens. He explains how there is a huge amount of misinformation present and many things that are accepted by the UFO community such as the Grays being slaves is actually not true at all. We learn of the different types of Reptilian races and the civil war they have going on. We find out that demons are slightly different than what we think.


We are then joined by Matthew Stein who has authored several books related to survival. One of his most well known books is When Technology Fails. Matthew gives us the real facts about the EMP weapon, the possibility of one hitting us, what we should do if it happens and how bad it all would really be. We learn about the best fuels and foods to store such as peanut butter. Matthew tells is what weapons he feels are best for survival. We ask Matthews personal opinions about all this End Times stuff and also learn about his inspiration in writing childrens books.



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