EODR 71 – Rebecca Hardcastle Wright | Exoconsciousness

This episode we are joined by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright who talks to us about her Exoconsciousness movement. Rebecca explains how she initially started interacting with aliens and how it’s often the contactee who initiates the experience. We talk about what it feels like when aliens are contacting us through a very subtle process.

She explains the slow process of disclosure that we are experiencing through religion, media and government. We ask Rebecca about her own psychic experiences and how she would advise a person to increase their own psychic abilities. She also shares with us a very interesting story about leaving her body and encountering a Reptilian being. Listener and caller Sherry calls in with an interesting question for Rebecca.


In our last segment we get calls from Andrea, Frank in Las Vegas, Max Cole and Yuk Nasty and we talk Star Wars, pro wrestling and much more.


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