EODR 55 – Scotty Roberts | Reptilians, Genesis and Nakash

Our hosts Michael and Daniel start off the show by discussing online dating, horrible news stories and Kailtyn the Bachelorette.

Scotty Roberts joins us. We are excited to have him on because he recently wrote a very good book about Reptilians called The Secret History of the Reptilians. He talks to us about how he got started in the paranormal world and what led him to want to start his own paranormal talk radio program. He gives his opinion on George Noory and tells a great story about how he ticked him off.

Scotty explains to us that while he is very well researched, that everything he is speaking about is still theory and no real tangible proof exists of the Reptilian race. We delve into the Hebrew scriptures as well as the Sumerian origins.


We are then joined by our second guest Betsy Whitfill who talks to us about Maitreya and the benefits of transmission meditation. She talks to us about The Maitreyas true message as well as what will be coming in the next few years.

We finish the show by discussing Michaels astral attack and what he has done to prepare himself.


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