Trump, Hypnotism and Dating Tips | EODRAD 9

Daniel starts off by talking about the four people who abducted the mentally disabled man and tortured him. He talks about how he does not understand why Trump being elected president would cause racial violence.

He then goes on to talk about The Paranormal Dating site and why he is against all forms of online dating. Daniel goes on to give several excellent tips on some everyday basic things that a guy can do to improve his dating “points”. He then gives a big shoutout to Chefist and his new show Martinez Tonight, Daniel talks about how thankful he is to have been able to confront his ex-cohost for trying to steal his creation “End of Days Radio”. Daniel reminds everyone that he will never stop fighting to protect his show.

Things then switch up as Daniel begins talking about the possibility of there being entities that walk around us at all times but are just beyond our perception due to the hypnosis of humanity. He then takes a very quiet call from Al and chit chats a bit about several topics including the alien issue and underground bases.

Daniel then concludes his discussion with Al and goes back to talking about the hypnosis before once again going after Alex Jones and reminding Jones that his challenge to him to prove he is not a disinfo agent still stands. Daniel then dedicates the episode to William Cooper who is a fallen hero of the resistance.


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