Matthew Alford | Hollywood Propaganda, Transformers, Terminator, Trump | EODR 48

Dr Matthew Alford is a scholar whose thesis applied Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky’s Propaganda Model to the contemporary Hollywood film industry. He is now the author of many articles and books on Hollywood propaganda including his latest book “National Security Cinema: The Shocking New Evidence of Government Control in Hollywood”

Daniel starts off by asking Matthew how his interests started then the discussion moves on to who exactly is responsible and how deep the propaganda goes. Daniel asks Matthew about the past and if WW2 propaganda movies were a part of all this.

They go on to discuss how exactly the propaganda works and how it is meant to put the United States over as an ethical and moral superpower. Such films as Terminator, Transformers and many more are brought up as well as the program “Spooks” over in the UK. Daniel then asks about Steven Spielberg and Close Encounters.

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Daniel comes back from the break locked and loaded as he discusses the Hurricane and Joel Osteen not helping. Daniel gives an update on his Reptilian challenge, takes a call from Todd, answers an angry pro-Alex Jones email then does the mind blowing moment of the day.