Dr. Robert | ESP Abilities, Charles Manson, MK Ultra, Anti-Black Psyops | EODR 141

Today we are joined by Dr. Robert who describes himself as:

“Mentalist: a magician who performs feats that apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind reading”

Dr. Robert joins Daniel for an exploration into racial tensions, mind control, psychic abilities, systemic oppression and white supremacy. He brings us into a world of magic, gangs and the underworld of universities. Dr. Robert does it all with extreme charisma.

Later Daniel is joined by Todd as they explore some eldritch.



Nina Howell | Psychic Abilities, Quantum Tunneling, Space X | EODR 140

From the deep south of Houston, I introduce the author of Thereal Chronicles, digital content consultant, creative developer of Thereal Realms, the poet of sonnets, quantum messaging expert and mixologist of music, Ms. Nina Howell.



Todd Miller | Lovecraftian Horrors Unleashed | EODR 139

Once again we are visited by fan favorite and long time friend of EODR, Todd Miller who brings his magical insights onto the main stage. We go in depth about psyops, Crowley, magic and of course H.P. Lovecraft. We have many great personalities showing up on panel such as The mad Philosopher Logan and Michael from The Michael Decon Program. This is definitely one of the most magical shows End of Days Radio has ever put on.


Raven Keefer | Real Men in Black, Harmonics, No More Gods | EODR 138

We are joined once again by Raven Keefer who was a big hit during his first appearance. Raven and Daniel cover a wide variety of topics including the Chinese Balloon psyop distraction, beings living within the earth and our false two party system. This almost 3 hour interview is a satisfying ride down the rabbit hole with one of the best minds in the Truth Community. Raven gives us his true feelings regarding worship and the gods.



Stijn Fawkes | Norse Gods, Pagan Revival, Sleipnir | EODR 137

Stijn Fawkes is the host of the Greyhorn Pagan podcast. He tells his story of how he had a changer of perspective in life that showed him the truth about the world elite and how he eventually became interested in Paganism. Stijn addresses some common stereotypes about paganism and then goes deep into the mythology.