Robert W. Sullivan IV | Tarot, Gnostics, Movies | EODRAD 22

Robert W. Sullivan is the author of The royal Arch of Enoch as well as Cinema Symbolism one and two. Daniel starts off by asking Robert how he has been. Robert explains why he wanted to write a second book about Cinema Symbolism and the path he took to get there.

Daniel asks Robert about many esoteric topics such as Tarot cards, Gnostics, Jesus Christ, Mormonism and whether or not the Freemasons are tricking humanity about flat earth. Daniel then asks Robert to talk about Kabbalah.

They then get into movies symbolism as Robert gives insight into such movies as The Wizard of Oz, The Shining, Fight Club and many more famous movies.


Free Your Brain | Kundalini, Stage World, Dissahc | EODRAD 21

If you enjoy movies like The Matrix, The Truman Show, Dark City or any movies that describes a false reality then you might seriously enjoy this show.

Daniel is joined by an “Anonymous Person” who joins him to talk about the legendary Free Your Brain dot org website that originally appeared over 15 years ago.This website has had a huge impact on Daniels life and his belief system and was one of the reasons he started End of Days Radio.

Daniel explains his past with the “Homepage” as some call it before dialling up the “Anonymous Person” who has studied the homepage extensively and is calling in to explain many facets of the homepage and how it relates to every day living.

“Anonymous Person” goes on to explain how he found the Homepage and the initial effect that it had on his life. He then goes into the “Allegory of the Alien” which outlines the secret war between alien groups that happened during the 90’s. He explains how those who made it through the “Hurricane” became survivors and that Daniel and him are examples of some of the few people who consider themselves survivors and actually understand the meaning behind the homepage.

They then get into the meat and bones as Daniel asks AP about Kundalini, Assemblage Points, Operation Centers, True Love, The Illusion of the Ego, Horse Movements, Reptilian Aliens(Lizards) and much much more.

If you are a survivor or just someone who is aware of the homepage then you should really enjoy this show.

You can reach “Anonymous Person” at


Neil Sanders | Charles Manson, Beatles, Pizzagate Debunked | EODRAD 20

Neil Sanders is a long time researcher into all things Mind Control and author of “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Mind control, mass manipulation and perception management” as well as an upcoming book about Charles Manson.

Daniel starts off by asking Neil about his background. They talk a bit about the origins of mind control then begin a journey into the 60’s, discussing The Beatles, The Tavistock institute and Charles Manson. The Charles Manson portion goes very into depth about the case and the motives behind what happened.

The conversation switches into modern times as Daniel brings up 9-11, Sandy Hook, LSD, Donald Trump and finally Pizzagate which leads into Neil doing the best job of debunking Pizzagate that Daniel has ever heard. Neil makes it quite clear that rampant pedophilia rings run by the elite are a problem but Pizzagate is only a misdirection from real paedophilia circles.

Daniel comes back from break. Talks about some news stories including Tila Tequila. He then reads some letters from fans and talks about the gay agenda and then channelling.


Terral Croft | Black Star, 9/11, Rothschild | EODRAD 19

Terral Croft is the leader of the Project Black Star Investigation. He has noticed patterns in the seismic activity and magnetic North Pole migration patterns pointing to a gravitational/magnetic anomaly moving through the inner solar system best characterized as the collapsed/invisible remnant remains of our Sun’s binary twin that went supernova millions of years ago aka The Black Star. He also researches things like 9/11, Illuminati, Planet X disinfo and much more.

Daniel begins be asking Terral about his background. Terral goes on to explain why he believes 9/11 to have been an inside job and backs this up with quite a bit of evidence, even offering his free book to anyone who will read or listen.

The conversation then turns to the Black Star itself which is actually a form of black hole and is responsible for pole shifts in the past. This leads into talking about mass deception, the rapture, Zecharia Sitchin, the anti-christ, the beast and many more topics centered around end times. Terral makes it clear that one of the biggest things we can do is learn to survive and learn where we can escape the waterline once the poles do shift. Daniel agrees that the Rothschilds are having a huge influence on all of this stuff.


Daniel comes back from break, talks a little about his own beliefs and then reads some letters from the fans.


Harald Kautz-Vella | Chemtrails, Morgellons and Black Goo | EODRAD 18

Harald Kautz-Vella is a chemist, activist and author living in Germany. He has shared much of his scientific but very understandable analysis of chemtrails and how they affect cellular life on earth. He has researched Morgellon’s Syndrome extensively and has been present at occurrences of an absolute cure for the same. He is also the worlds leading Black Goo researcher and has actually worked with and tested samples of this strange demonic substance.

Daniel starts off by asking Harald about his background which actually started out as environmentalism which led him down a synchronistic path into the world of Chemtrails and how they may affect the environment. This led to a study of Morgellons and the two have since been linked together.

Harald explains exactly what Morgellons is and why it affects some people and others it does not. This leads into a discussion about DNA sequencing and how these chemtrails can actually affect our DNA using a type of bio-mechanical nano technology.

After discussing Morellons, the conversation shifts to the notorious black goo that has presented itself in many forms of media including the film Prometheus. Harald explains that this is actually an alien bio mechanical life form of some sorts that is directed by an Artificial Intelligence who also goes by the name Satan

Daniel is very shocked but also interested in this very dangerous substance and continues to give a very compelling explanation and how it all fits together into a world framework.


Daniel comes back from break and shares some news stories and reads some letters from the audience. He talks a bit about music, movies and the proper way to treat a lady.