Brandy Renee | UFOs are Psyops | EODR 189

Our guest on this Episode is Brandy Renee. She is a researcher and U.S. Military veteran who has become an expert in sniffing out heinous bull crap being floated around the truth/conspiracy/UFO community. She is a member of the Occult Research Society and is known to passionately expose shills and scammers who are often the same thing.

Brandy talks about her time spent in the Navy and why she joined and when she first became aware of the paranormal world. She then takes us on a ride into the conspiracy as she lays out her beliefs regarding the systemic manipulation of our minds via social media and what the agenda actually looks like.

We then come back(after Dr. Roberts Down the Rabbit Hole) and discuss some hot news stories such as the impending new military draft regulations and the origin of the Rothschild family.


Headless Giant | From Troy to Rome | EODR 188

Headless Giant is a researcher, podcaster and historian who is especially well researched about the Hellenistic period specifically Greece and the Roman Empire. He is often featured on The Occult Rejects show and has a show of his own.

From his podcast description: “A refined perspective on the standard issue reality provided without conceit.”

In this episode HG talks to us about the beginnings of Rome, why Christianity exists and what efforts have been done to silence and suppress a particular set of people.


After the break the guys go deep into universal beginnings and blood sacrifice.

Featured in this episode: Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja, Troublemaker Jonah and Geo.


MagiKk MiKkee | Pan the Pied Piper | EODR 187

Michael is a researcher who delves into magic, secret societies, worldwide mind control, the 13 families and the criminal underworld which is tied right back into the Illuminati.

He talks to us about how secret societies such as The Shriners are knee deep in seedy corruption. How Colorado is a Satanism hot spot and how what happens behind bars can break a person. He even shares with us a personal style of divination using dogs.


When we return the guys talk a bit about Kate Middleton, a potential draft and what would happen if we gave everyone an allowance. Featured in this episode: Todd the Bod, Dr. Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja, Robbie Marx, Chad Warren, Simple Farmer aka Al, Jack and Geo.


B.D. Salerno | Murders Synchronized with Astrology | EODR 186

B.D. Salerno is an author who investigates metaphysical and occult aspects of notorious crimes and reveals unusual facts about their participants. She also exposes the hidden hand behind nefarious and corrupt practices which often appear hidden in plain sight.

She joins the crew to discuss topics such as Taylor Swift’s bloodline, Black Dahlia, Smiley Face Killers and how many serial killers could actually be elite rituals. Then explains why exactly she does not like the term “elite”.

After we get back the guys engage in a group prayer.


Courtenay Turner | Luciferian Manipulation of the Youth | EODR 185

Courtenay Turner is a freedom fighter, researcher, avid book collector, motivational speaker and host of The Courtenay Turner Podcast:

(from her website)”where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life.”

On this episode she boldly delves into the manipulation of society by a deep network of Luciferians who control the United Nations.

After the guest and a fantastic episode of Down the Rabbit Hole we come back and to Dave Sarra about crashing The Tonight Show’s reunion and pissing off the infamous Stuttering John Melendez.