Raven Keefer | Bloodlines of Enlil, Trail of Tears, Accumulated Wisdom | EODR 134

From Ravens self written bio

“I cover something for just about anyone looking for a different point of view. Historical knowledge,
the esoteric, alternative looks at current trends, and a little sharp humour, acute linguistic targeting of the utterly ridiculous.
Information you can get just about anywhere. The value of it? I don’t confuse information with knowledge or beLIEfs with knowing.
Come, visit me a few hours a week. Don’t apologise to anyone for getting knowledge to replace the information others are trying to sell you.
Laugh the Hump off of Humpday with me every Wednesday. We all need a good laugh.
Mahe Ohna, ✌️ Favour ALL”

Daniel is ecstatic to have Raven Keefer finally in front of him for an interview. The guys get together and go deep into the mystery together. We are joined by Grub, General Lee, Jamie and Todd as well.



Grub | Atlantean Survivors, Cryptocurrency, Seeing With Eyes Closed | EODR 133

“Here to bring us seekers home. I’m in the cars eye, the curiosity that sparks time, the energy that life seeks.”

We are joined by the legendary Grub, one of the smartest guys Daniel has ever met. He touches on the very controversial new Graham Hancock series and the issues it has caused. This leads to a great discussion about survivors of Atlantis. Then General Lee and Raven jump on the show and it gets real fast.