Symbolic Studies | The World Tree, Axis of our Realm | EODR 183

Symbolic Studies aka Mario is a researcher who goes deeper than anyone else into the study of the hidden language of symbology. Originally a fan of heavy metal music, Mario was born into the imagery which would later become his passion.

Mario joins the guys and together they dive deep into his vast wealth of symbolic knowledge as we learn about the possible origins of the tarot deck, its Major and Lesser Arcana, the world tree, the seven stars and why we should not necessarily want to know the future.

Appearances by: Todd the Bod, Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Jin the Ninja, Troublemaker Jonah, Chad Warren, Al the Martian Medicine Man, Geo and Bobby-and-Two-Crows.


The Occult Rejects | The Occult Research Institute | EODR 182

Today we are joined by the Occult Rejects Crew. A podcast dedicated to delving into the occult whether good or bad. The show often focuses on dissecting the myriad of symbolism in our reality around us and bringing the results to the masses. Formerly known as NY Patriot, Nick introduces the crew that makes up his show one by one as we meet Liza, BD Salerno, JJ Vance and Jin the Ninja who is frequently on End of Days Radio.

We are also joined by Doctor Robert, Clint Aestwood, Steve BG Cast and Geo who join Daniel to roundtable.


Dana | The Process Church of the Final Judgment | EODR 181

Dana is a superb researcher who delves into The Process Church, Church of Scientology, The Manson Family, Black Nobility, False Memory Syndrome and the reality behind the Satanic Panic that started in the 1980’s. She joins the show and reveals some startling information about this web of cults and some of their very bizarre ways. She then shares some of her personal beliefs about things such as the Illuminati and God.

After we listen to another great episode of Doctor Robert’s Down the Rabbit Hole, we get the guys back on as the owls take another session of court. Thanks to Doctor Robert, Jin the Ninja, Clint Aestwood, Todd the Bod and everyone who participated in the chat!