Chaz of the Dead | The Betz Sphere, Flying Snake Entities, Bigfoot’s Lantern | EODR 129

We welcome back everyone’s favorite paranormal researcher Chaz of the Dead. A man who is not afraid to test the limits of reality. Someone who takes a completely objective approach to the Supernatural and who gets valid results. He is here to promote his new book “A Place Between Time and Space: A True Story About Ghosts, UFO’s and Florida’s Strangest Home”.

In this episode Chaz does a great job giving us the full story of the Betz mystery sphere. Is it alien technology, something occult or could it be an artificial lifeform? The things this objects does are incredible and so is the in-depth intellectual/psychedelic discussion that happens on this very episode!


Shane Raine | Why We Should All Want Communism | EODR 128

Shane Raine is a comic book artist and writer based in Portland, Oregon. His passion for art began as a young boy, copying the comic books he read and loved. Currently he is writing and illustrating a comic book and creating a larger world that will include several volumes of graphic novels. When he’s not writing, Shane enjoys bicycling, archery, cuddling with his two Beagles, and watching movies with his wife.

In this controversial interview, Daniel opens his mind and asks his listeners to do the same as the show welcomes Shane Raine a bonafide Marxist/Communist. We hear some very excellent points on why there is value in this perspective. Shane tackles hard questions from the EODR audience while exercising the bravery to not only share his controversial perspective but also share his life story of how he developed it.