Xero Hekathos | Season of Lilith | EODR 145

Xero is from Demonosophy and Beyond and he is here to discuss demons and magick. Today’s main topic is Lilith. Please enjoy this very unique roundtable style show with Xero. We are also joined on panel by General Lee, Grub, Logan, Dr. Robert and Clint Aestwood who all have great questions for Xero as well as their own personal insights



Nicodremus | Seeker of the True Light | EODR 143

He is a political analyst, philosopher, financial analyst and seeker of the true light. Breaking down the financial control system and directing our energies to replace it with something better. Creator of Odysseymedia, check out his truth videos on Youtube and Rumble.

Nicodremus and Daniel discuss the conspiracy from A to Z and then are joined by Logan who has great chemistry with Nico.