Adam Kokesh | A World Without Government | EODR 52

Adam Charles Kokesh is an American activist. Identifying as a libertarian, Kokesh has called for a “new American revolution” and has announced plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of an “orderly dissolution of the federal government”.

Daniel begins by thanking Adam and his team for holding onto his information for so long and contacting him to come on the show. They then get into Adams past as a soldier who somehow in the heat of all he was experiencing, awakened to the injustice of the system we all exist inside and decided to devote his life to Freedom for all peoples.

Daniel asks if Military people are “brainwashed” which Adam has an outstanding answer for. They get into some heavy issues such as how schooling could be handled differently, mass shootings and their effect on our liberties and how one might bring others to the Libertarian cause.

Daniel then asks Adam about the time he spend in jail as a political prisoner before imparting some major wisdom on those who wish to follow a similar path.

Daniel comes back from break pumped to talk about Corey Feldman, silver spoon rich kids, meeting a reality star from the Bachelor and the criticism he received from the last episode.


Gary Parker | The Glorious Return of Abba | EODR 51

Gary Parker found something amazing within a NASA photograph of the Great Pyramid and Egypt. He actually found writing laid out across the ruined city of Egypt. This writing prophesied the return of god.

Gary begins by talking about his background and how he stumbled upon this amazing discovery. He was an attempted film writer who first found the mysterious ancient writing in the NASA images and then had an amazing vision where he was confronted by not only Angels but god himself also known as Abba.

Abba is coming back in the year 2022 and plans to land in Israel and give all the wealth and technology to Israel which will then share it with the rest of the world. Before the end of the interview Daniel invites Gary back to join the show on the actual date so him and Gary can watch Abbas ship land together.

Daniel returns from break ready to feast on the worlds madness. He begins by reading a letter form a listener who is sick to death of Daniels right wing politics. He then moves on to talking about the recent Megaledon sightings and videos on youtube.

Daniel talks about being inspired by Billy Corgan and how Corgan recently admitted to running into a shapeshifter during his life which Daniel applauds. Daniel explains how he loves Halloween and hates skeptics.


Todd Miller | Psyops, Lovecraft, Crowley, Coven, Magic Shop | EODR 50

Todd Miller is an occultist, artist, magician, musician, singer, former magic store owner and former radio host who is also a longtime fan and caller of End of Days Radio.

Todd and Daniel have been discussing Todd’s past in secret for a long time now and it is finally time to reveal it all to the world.

Todd begins by telling his story from the beginning, growing up as a Mormon. Todd explains how his life got messy real quick later on when he met his ex wife and began working at a radio station which was one of the first to start interviewing people like William Cooper, this caused quite a bit of heat with “the powers that be” as the radio station came under attack and Todd was forced out of the business due to threats against his life.

Todd then begins to tell the next part of his story, when he began to explore the world of magic.

Daniel and Todd get into talking about the Bavarian Illuminati, Artificial Intelligence, Chaos Magick, Lovecraft, Crowley, Flat Earth, Mind Control, Coven, Black Sabbath and much more.


Daniel comes back from break to speak with Todd a bit more. They talk about the future before Todd and Daniel part ways. Daniel then reads some very interesting fan mail, responds to someone doubting the attack on the last show and gives his thoughts on dating apps. Daniel explains his disgust with a Texas school district reintroducing corporal punishment in 2017.


Matt Landman | Chemtrails, Flat Earth, Las Vegas False Flag | EODR 49

Matt Landman, activist and filmmaker, creator of Actual Chemtrail Activists and the world’s first two Global Chemtrail Summit’s in 2015 and 2016 in British Columbia and Oregon, has created a spectacular new 80 minute anti geo-engineering film which is sure to stir the hearts and minds of many. This movie is an unflinching historical voyage of man’s attempt to battle and control the atmospheric domain. Through the unlimited resources of the mammoth military industrial complex, coupled with a controlled and parroted media, this film demonstrates we face the most daunting and dangerous cover up of our time. This film is called Frankenskies.

Daniel begins by asking Matt about his past growing up. Matt tells the story of his childhood and how he discovered geo-engineering. Daniel asks many questions about chemtrails such as the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails, what sort of planes are being used and if Matt has tried the red wine test. Matt goes on to explain how HAARP is involved in manipulating our atmosphere.

They then get into other related topics such as flat earth, false flags and how our consciousness is actually being manipulated and suppressed by indoctrination since birth.

Daniel then asks Matt to talk about the possibility of the Las Vegas shooting being a false flag…suddenly Daniels electricity is taken out and the interview is cut short as Daniel scrambles to figure out what went wrong.

Daniel comes back from break a little shaken up as he suspects that the show was once again interfered with by external forces. Daniel goes on to explain how impossible it is for his show to be taken out by weather when in fact he was/is doing a show on weather manipulation. Daniel explains how nothing will ever stop him from broadcasting and how death will only make him stronger. He then begins ranting about gun control and liberals like he always does, which he does quite well.