Howard George Stirrup | Secrets of Occult Masonry | EODR 166

Howard was born on Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom. Moved to Spain when he was 14 years old. Didn’t believe 911 as grandfather’s family was from Syria. Saw how corrupt the banking system is with documentary Zeitgeist. Saw Illuminati in Hollywood movies and music videos. Joined Freemasonry for 3 years up to 3rd degree, with intent to discover the truth. Became aware that NASA lies and the all Astronauts are members of secret societies. Realized that the Great Architect of the Universe, isn’t the Creator but rather the deceiver/adversary.

Howard joins the show and goes on a deep dive with Daniel and and absolutely killer panel that includes Doctor Robert, Clint Aeastwood, Raven Keefer and Logan.


John Brisson | The Finders Cult and The CIA | EODR 165

John Brisson is here to talk to us about his upcoming book about The Finders and their connections to a much wider dark conspiracy. We deep dive into the world of Alice Bailey, The New World Order, child sex trafficking and the fake white hat psyops.

We are joined by Doctor Robert, Todd Miller, Clint Aestwood who engage with John and stay for the after show.